Selecting Best University

There are many excellent colleges and universities, and many of them will offer the courses of study that interest you.  While it's good to have so many choices, it can also make your decision more challenging.  There are so many variables that will shape your educational experience at any given institution, that it can make the selection process seem overwhelming.

Below is a tool that can help you in sorting and selecting universities to which to send your applications. Use this sheet for each college/university of interest and compare their scores at the end.

Name of College/University Yes No Notes
Does it offer my Major/Program?
Do I fit their academic requirements?
Is the tuition within my range?
Is it in a geographic area that I think I would like?
Do the photos of the campus appeal to me?
Am I comfortable with the student body mix (gender/ethnicity)?
Does the size of the campus match my preference for small/medium/large?
Are there clubs/activities offered that appeal to me?
Am I impressed with their housing options?
Am I satisfied with their post-graduation placement record?
Are there internship opportunities?
Am I still able to apply before their deadline?

By filling this simple form out for each college/university of interest, you will be able to compare them side by side and recognize which ones gained the most positive responses. Get to work on your applications to those schools as soon as possible – the earlier you get started, the more smoothly the process will go.