Tuition Fee

Basic Education
For government and government-aided schools, fees per month are :

  • S$120 for primary schools
  • S$170 for secondary schools
  • S$280 for pre-university education

As rates for Independent and Autonomous schools vary, please check with the institutions directly.

For more information on schools, please refer to MOE website.

International students whose applications to study in Singapore are approved, are requested to make donations to the Ministry of Education's Education Fund once every two years. Each donation is at a flat rate of S$1,000and applicable to international students enrolling in primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and centralised institutes. Donations to the Education Fund are tax-exempt and non-refundable except when you are awarded a Singapore Government scholarship.

Tertiary Institutions
Tuition fees are subject to change each year. Please refer to the respective institution’s website for the latest figures.

The Ministry of Education provides tuition grants to students who are admitted to the local universities and polytechnics. Students who accept the tuition grants need only pay  the fee (known as 'Direct Payment') as shown in the tables below.

As an international student, you are eligible for the same grant subject to the signing of a deed with the Singapore government undertaking to work in Singapore for three years upon completion of your programme.

Estimated Fees for international students at the three local universities as at Academic Year 2010-2011 are:



Tuition fees
per year

Direct Payment
Tuition Fee Payable

Non-lab based

S$30,030 - S$30,230

S$11,030 - S$17,480

Lab based

S$30,230 - S$37,430


Dentistry, Medicine






Non-laboratory based courses are Accountancy, Arts & Social Sciences, Business, Law and Mass Communication.

Laboratory based coursesare Architecture, Building & Real Estate, Industrial Design, Computing, Engineering, Pharmacy and Science.

Estimated Fees for international students at the polytechnics as at Academic Year 2010-2011 are:



Tuition fees
per year

Direct Payment
Tuition Fee Payable

All Polytechnics

About S$17,900

About S$4300

Most universities charge miscellaneous fees for items such as student's union, examination, health services, insurance and so on. Amounts vary from university to university, so you are advised to check out their brochures and websites for details.

Payment of fees is usually by cheque or GIRO (electronic bank transfer) at the beginning of each semester. GIRO forms are mostly obtainable from the universities' administration offices.

The Ministry of Education offers tuition fee grants to students who are admitted to local universities and polytechnics. Financial assistance is available for those who need help with tuition fees. For more information, click here.

The tuition fees for the following institutions are independent of the above fee structure. Please refer to the individual institutions for the respective tuition fees.