Singapore Visa

Your pre-visa application will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  (i) Evidence of Enrolment

One of the important requirements for a student visa application is that you must be accepted for enrolment, to undertake a course, by a Government registered Australian education institution. This is verified by the advice of acceptance from the Australian institution (commonly known as Letter of Offer), which is issued to a student who has been offered enrolment in a full-time course. You should not pay any part of the course tuition fee prior to the outcome of the PVA.

(ii) Financial Ability

Sponsor/s will have to provide documentary evidence of having cash assets ( immediately encashable assets like savings and fixed deposits in banks) held for atleast 6 months prior to the pre-visa application date. For school applicants, funds need to be held for 3 months prior to the pre-visa application date.

Who can be a Sponsor?

Sponsor/s can be the applicant, parents, grandparents, or spouse only ( relatives like brother /sister /uncle /aunt /cousin / family friend are not acceptable). School applicants have no restriction on sponsor/s.

How much funds have to be shown?

For Masters and Doctorate Courses
Sponsors must provide evidence of cash assets for the first year tuition fee (as on the letter of offer) and living expenses (assumed at A$ 12000 p.a.) and access to additional funds (from acceptable sources) to meet the cost of the remainder of study and stay in Australia.

Commercial loans from Banks and government loans are acceptable.

In case the applicant holds a partial scholarship from an Australian institution or an institution in India ( eg. Educational Trusts), funds to cover the remaining costs must be provided as prescribed above.

Private corporate sponsorship is acceptable subject to certain conditions. However if the company is a family owned business and if one/both parents are directors/partners, it is treated as a parent sponsor.

Students with Dependants (Spouse/Children)
Costs could be expected to increase by atleast 35% if the student has a spouse, a further 20% (plus A$ 8000 p.a. for school fees if the child is 5 years or older) if the student has one child, a further 15% for each additional child plus school fees. The above amounts apply irrespective of whether they will accompany the applicant. Individual return travel costs need to be taken at A $ 1500 approx.

For Vocational Education and Training (VET), TAFE, Higher Education and School courses
Sponsors must provide evidence of cash assets covering tuition fee and living expenses of the entire duration of the proposed and pre-requisite course (including foundation/ELICOS/Bridging program that precedes the main course).

(iii)English Proficiency

All students have to demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency, measured by an IELTS overall band score of atleast 6.0, except those enrolling for a Diploma course (VET) in which case 5.5 is acceptable. Please note that TOEFL score is not acceptable and IELTS is compulsory even if the student has studied in English medium institutions throughout his/her academic career.

(iv)Potential to breach visa conditions

This is an assessment of an individual's current circumstances done by the visa officer by reviewing for example, the situation in your home country - your personal and financial commitments that may prompt you to return to your home country.

(v) Other Relevant Matters

These include:

•  Immigration links with Australia

•   Usefulness of course for career development

•   Satisfactory completion of year 12 / relevant undergraduate degree or equivalent.

•   Strong links have to be established between past academic/work background and study goals.

•   Guardianship arrangements (if applicant is under 18 at the time of PVA application)

4. Further Processing

If you are advised that you meet the PVA requirements, you will be asked to undergo further processing. This includes payment of course tuition fee to the Australian educational institution and a medical examination. It is essential that the student and the accompanying dependent(s) meet the Australian Health requirements before a visa may be granted. This involves a medical check and an x-ray for applicants over 16. Applicants will need to present an original valid passport to identify themselves to the Doctor and Radiologist. In some cases medical results will be referred to Australia and as this process takes 3 - 4 weeks, applicants will need to allow additional time. Usually only medicals where the doctor or radiologist has detected an abnormality will be referred to Australia. Applicants need to take into account postage or courier times also.

5.  Total processing time

As a general rule, applicants should allow a four (4) to six (6) week timeframe for processing of applications.

Factors that may delay this processing time include:

•   Medical referral to Australia and the need for any subsequent medical tests;

•   Document verification including educational documents, employment references and bank statements; and

•   Applications which are incomplete and require the visa office to make contact with the applicant or the applicant’s agent.

6.  Health Insurance

It is compulsory for all international students to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for themselves and their dependents, where applicable, for the duration of the visa. The. premium for. OSHC is only to be paid once the PVA requirements have been met. The current premiums for OSHC are AUD274 for a single person and AIJD54S for a whole family.

7.  Re-entry into Australia

All Student Visas have a multiple entry facility for the full period of the visa. Students who plan to travel out of, and return to, Australia at any time during their course are advised to check that their visa is valid for return to Australia.


Application requirements:-

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Valid travel documents including an onward or return ticket.
  3. Sufficient funds.
  4. Two passport-size photos.
  5. Form or letter from college/university in Singapore.
  6. Three completed application forms.
  7. Yellow fever vaccination certificate if passing through or coming from an endemic zone within 6 days of arriving in Singapore.
  8. Local sponsor’s ID card, with photocopy, except for those in Institutes of Higher Learning.
  9. Birth certificate.
  10. Certified copies of highest educational certificates and results.

Cost of a visa

Visa, Social Visit Pass (short-or long-term; S$20), Professional Visit Pass, Student Pass and Transit. Application packs with instructions and prevailing visa costs at the time of application are obtainable from the High Commission.Letter from the sponsor should be included.

Documents Required 

Passport-sized photographs of the applicant. 
Applicant's passport showing personal particulars and passport's date of expiry. 
Birth Certificate (certified or notarized copy).



  • All Educational Certificates and transcripts (certified or notarized copy.
  • If applicant has worked before or is working All Employment letters and Salary slip.
  • Bank statement / fixed deposit account / saving account. Bank statement is for documentary proof of financial ability to study & stay in Singapore. It can be from the applicant or applicant’s parents, and the applicant’s parents? Income slip.
  • Parent's Employment letter and Salary slip.
  • If applicant has time gap between studies and this application: Statement of Declaration & purpose explaining the time gap after your last education, reasons to study in Singapore and plans after graduation.
  • If applying for Master Programmes then Applicant's resume.
  • If names are different on documents then Affidavit (certified or notarized copy.
  • Passport should be valid for more than six months from the date of return.
  • Visa Application form duly filled and signed.
  • 1 Recent passport size color photograph recently taken strictly against a white background.
  • Covering letter stating the applicant's name, designation, purpose and duration of stay.
  • All documentary proof of admission into an institute or college.

Financial proof to show substance for the total course duration:-

  • Proof of all previous educational and professional certificates.
  • Proof of accommodation and sustenance in Singapore for the stay duration.
  • Foreign exchange endorsement on passport.
  • Confirmed one-way ticket.
  • Photocopies of bio-data page, pages with endorsement and last 3 pages of the applicant's passport.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Certified copies of highest educational certificates and results.

Earning while studying in Singapore

In general, Full time graduate students are allowed to work part-time of up to a maximum of 16 hours per week. However, students need to obtain permission from the (International Student Center) ISC. During vacation, students are allowed to work full time as the Ministry of Manpower has exempted them from applying for work permits.
To acquire an extension, the immigration authorities in Singapore should be contacted. The price of the extension is subject to the immigration officer’s discretion.