Study in Australia: Tuition Fee & Expenses


Education in Australia has financial benefits:

  • Undergraduate degrees are generally three years in Australia as compared to four years in U.S. and other countries
  • There are many One-year Masters’ degrees including MBA . Thus you can save on living costs and tuition fees.

Tuition Fee ( In Aus $ )



Annual Tuition Fee

Bachelor degree - Non lab based courses
(programmes in arts, business, economics and law)

A $ 10,000 - $ 13,500

Laboratory based - Bachelor degree courses
(science & engineering programmes)

A $ 11,000 - $ 16,500



Annual Tuition Fee

Graduate Certificates
Graduate Diplomas

A $ 9,000 - $ 16,000

Masters degree courses
Doctoral degree programmes

A $ 11,000 - $ 18,500


Length of MBA program varies considerably between institutions, depending on the mode of study, but ranges from approximately nine to 15 months full time. The fees in the table below are shown as the approximate annual cost of the full-time MBA program.


Annual Tuition Fee


A $ 15,000 - $ 30,000


Annual Living Expenses in Australia - Approx. A $ 12,000 per year

For all the cost data above

  • Fees given are averages
  • Living costs include accommodation, Energy bills, food etc.
  • Costs are according to 2004 session